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As they say in Costa Rica "Pura Vida"                                                                                 Como dicen en Costa Rica "Pura Vida"



Pura vida : this is the country's most unique and popular phrase and one of the most important phrases, which is used as a positive response in all type of situations.

One thing to know about the Ticos, as Costa Ricans are commonly known, is their free spirit and love for life. You will often hear the people greet or salute friends with the phrase "Pura Vida" which translates to Pure Life or "Pura Vida Mae", which translates to Pure Life Dude (usually said among friends or good acquaintances). 

The people in Costa Rica live by this expression. You'll find the Ticos don't sweat the small stuff, don't rush, and spend quality time with family. Ticos are famous for their hospitality, and are quite happy to live up to their reputation. They are well-educated and hard working people, who are quick with a handshake and a smile. They are well aware of the special land they have.

These are just a few things that encompass the expression "Pura Vida" the best way to feel this is visit Costa Rica.

"Pura Vida Mae" is just one of the colorful sayings or "Dichos" from Costa Rica. If you would like to know more sayings or dichos visit my Costa Rica section.




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Costa Rica borders to the North with Nicaragua, to the South with Panama, and to the East and West it has coastlines on the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean.

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